Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So Far So Good!

Well I decided a few times(many more then a hand-full or 3) to quit smoking. Never worked,except for when I was pregnant. So now about 3 years after the birth of my son, another 3 years of smoking has went by until now. About 3 weeks ago I decided it was finally time,no one pushing me into it or telling me its bad,except my son, who I taught to tell me it is bad,no one getting' on me about anything about to quit or not. Ive only had a craving maybe 5 times in the last 3 weeks, I think that is good, those cravings where in the first week,except for today I had one. I guess that's why I'm typing this. We finally went out to the most stressful place here in town - walmart - yup dredded walmart. Going in,being in was fine, being other places out of the comfort of our appartment has also been fine, But comeing out of wally-world seemed to stress me out and I craved-for about 38 seconds, till i saw this older women with a smoke in her hand, smoke comeing out of her mouth and I thought Lord, help her quit too. I dont want to smoke and I dont want my son to be around it or my non-smokeing fam and friends So yes I am stopping and yes I have stoped for the last 3 weeks. So please pray for me and those you know who do smoke. I am done with it and so is my hubby(hes been fine hes been wanting to quit for about a year now.)

So thats my So Far So good for now. I hope this is for good...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pharm 09

trying to fix the camera, he said 'noooo don't take my picture'
Sam fixing the truck
Sammy fixing the truck, see the difference
lady bug lounging
loaded and ready to go
so many
silly faces
I like taking pictures of myself when no one is looking
some gas station, we needed well basically the whole store
the sky,while driving down the road
look its N&P
more road
blue-tooth, and strange faces
happy faces
road in VA or NC not to sure

playing with the ipod already,wonderful sponge-bob game

i hate bridges but the view of this one made it worth the shot

we always stop here,sometimes its full sometimes its drained, but its really pretty and bug loves it

yes food finally,oh such nasty bad fattening

finally we are there the pharm
hmm should i go get it or will i get ran over,theats a big wheel
wait for meeee
opps i fell down mommy


oh don't hug me, not while nanas here dad

look at that face

got cold huh?
feild to the right (outside the fence from house)
mabye we should mow first?
the well is one of two sources of H2O there( its the well or the rain barrel)
dog on porch

EAT IT! flowers are yummy
yes work on the mower.

this it the place he played with his cars, the whole time we where there
hm, ipod
bubbas truck

look at my 2 men, playing with the ipod again

riding the almost to small 4wheeler, screaming wait for meeeee

a old tree

the side of the old tree
someone hung a dead crow
on our property to go coyote huntin, found out it was family
sam testing the waster

we went swiming,sorta,once in here, water stays freezing all year
great fishing place tho

duck at the 4-h?? camp i forget what its really called

stick! run ahhh
back to playing cars

sam riding the big tractor (no one was home,so he got away with it)
climb the fence,good job sammy

well I can't add no more videos so I guess the other ones will be on my next post.