Wednesday, December 16, 2009

YAY New home

Well we moved, we are still unpacking and setting things up but we are moved...Its a lot quieter here, and most of the people we met seem to be nice. We are really enjoying the extra half bath and Sammy is luuvvviinn his room. He has more space to play and run. We have a lot more floor space here but we did lose our BIG storage closet, but that is making us get rid of the unnecessary items we have collected. I will post pictures on here as soon as we are done setting things up and I start feeling better. I think I might of got a cold, I thought it was just allergies from stiring up dust from the old place but I haven't gotten better,and it hurts to talk. Almost sounds like in loosing my voice. HAHA... Well I hope every one has a Merry Christmas. Hopefully we will have everything up before then!

Friday, December 4, 2009


Well we gave out notice to move out...we are just still debating on 2 place. A duplex and or a townhouse/apartment... well know by the end of the week. We are slowly packing and i am stressing out. We have sooo much stuff and i finally convinced Sam to go thew everything with me and decided what we keep and make a new and more correct home innovatory. I'm just waiting to go pickup some more boxes and finish. I cant wait to get out of here..I am so super happy. We have a lot going on with moving, de-cluttering, and Christmas coming soon. Little sam want books and a bowling set. He just added the bowling set the other day looking threw a toy r us catalog. He still wants a lot of books. Im glad he likes books more then toys, and strawberries more then candy. I guess I must be doing something right..haha

November photos

ooohh it feels like just the other day I put up Octobers photos, now its already a few days into December. Here is the best of November, including today's cookie making mess!

played to much poker

there was 10ft of sand since the hurricane was out in the water

ferry at the beach(had to test out the new car)

sam took this picture( he take a lot of them now that he can use my cam)
Jesus <3's Sam (Sunday school art)

wee!! so much fun at the park

sneaking the good stuff

dad said it almost looks like a ginger man