Monday, January 26, 2009

Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate

I again was on zen-habits, stumbled upon this article, witch led me to this website. I haven't read the website much yet but on zen habits it talks about teaching our children compassion, And how we discipline our children is not showing them compassion. They compare this to if a friend is crying/upset/angered we wouldn't go to them and put them in timeout or discipline them in other ways, we would show them compassion and hug them,try to calm them down, but mostly talk to them. And when our little loved ones throw there tantrums they are often upset about something and usually don't have a way of telling that to you, so they have a tantrum,we punish them and they do not learn compassion. If we showed them compassion and gave them the words they were looking for they would learn compassion and how to use there words over violence. But anyway read the post check out the web site, and let me know how you think of this way of parenting.

yes, he got knocked down

No not really no one got knocked down, actually he fell. We had bath time like any other bath time, Got out the tub stood on the potty getting ready to brush his teeth, flop. He fell backwards. He broke the bathroom-paper holder off the wall. His little chunky butt has a red spot and so did 2 places of his back. He did not bruise tho, Hes a tough one I can tell everyone that. Also with how many times hes hit his head on our sink, and all I do is kiss it better and tell him that its OK its not even a bump( it never is.) Hes defiantly a tough bug,a lot tougher then me. I hit my head on the sink (same spot to) the next day, I'll be honest, I cried. It hurt like a I dunno what.

Hes been falling down a lot lately, just did it again. He will be running down the hall way and bam he falls and slides a little bit..wonder whats up with that...

I took this one of my and my bug man today while cooking dinner, Dada has text us from school and has a photo of himself attached so i sent this one back. Doesn't he have the best smile ?

Oh also for some random photos i have taken with my phone u can go here. There is a photo from out inside table-top snow man. Dada said we can keep him in the freezer until we move, that could be a year from now, hey we will have him for Christmas of '09 in case it doesn't snow.Oh but bewarned there is some very odd pictures of random thing that just came out of no where.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Things to do

Well this year so far is the same as any other. We all get a cold, and slowly get over it. We all just have a snotty nose now. We even got N&P sick. I didn't finish my community service nor have I even called to tell them anything. Wow I wonder what they are gonna say, oh I wonder what I'm gonna even tell them. Oh well I'll figure something usual. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week. There is a few things I read over the weekend like this website here I stumbled upon. And also a guy named Dan Ho( have to Google him I can't find no real web page about him) But anyways he has 2 books out: Rescue from House Gorgeous. And also Rescue from Domestic Perfection:the no so secrets of balancing life and style. I want them both, maybe Swap Tree has them. Also on my list of things to read is The Skinny Bitch and Apartment-Therapy-Eight-Step-Home-Cure.....Yup that's my list. But anyway back to my post. Tomorrow Dada is gone all day again, Has to make-up 'snow days' ha ha. But he does have all day Thursday off till his night class and then Friday is ours, maybe I can convince him of date night. But this week I really want to clean out out utility closet (its like out attic on ground level.With a washer.) Hopefully we all will get over our colds. Get our pictures developed( and organized and dated ha ha. ) And maybe Monday will start out right. But I'm not gonna get my hopes up.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hey look bug! What is that?

That is what we where saying to Bug this morning when he woke-up. Snow we whispered to him. SNOW! he said back. We got about 4-5" of snow last night and now tonight its starting to ice over.
Yes we did take Bug out to play with the snow. We took his toy box lid and used it as a sled(didn't have a trash can lid.) But he liked it,sorta. He thought the snow was "eww, yuck". But he did slide down the hill a few times make a snow -baby and threw a snowball at mommy. After about 15 minutes we went back in to warm up. He is fighting off a cold,but with 2 layers of clothing we and his first "real snow" we had to take him out for a few minutes. His cold is getting better, compared to Friday. Hes just left with a snotty nose and a cough. Dada took the car out in the little bit of snow we got to pick up bug some more med. He said people don't know how to drive in the snow. HAHAHAHA its only 4" theres not that much snow.

Monday, January 19, 2009

pass the bucket

Go ahead click here. watch it, all of it. and this one too, and this one. Maybe I should finally cut out all meat from my diet, my husband wont, but hey if I do, That is a few more animals who will live. I do eat chicken and beef and occasionally pork chops. Yup that is right I said it. I eat meat. Now do I honestly want to , no. So why do I? I was raised that way first of all. Next is my husband does, and so does most of both of our families. I'm so accustomed to it, its just routine for me I guess. So I am going to cut it out. Now if their is a time I cant avoid it like tonight( dinner at my inlaws...yup KFC) I might eat a small bit of it, But besides that, sorry I'm going to have to pass. Now my husband thinks I'm on the crazy side, and its natural to eat a chicken or hell even a deer( yup he hunts)and that half the stuff they put on the clips are not real but, I'm going to do this. Why its something I have been wanting to do for me for a long time. Now I am going to miss my canned chicken salad, But hey theres still meat substitudes...and a real salad with crisp lettuse and juicy tomatoes and a little oil and vinager( im not much of a ranch fan no more). But please watch the clips...

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I just got done reading a article of of Sheryl's blog. Talks about breastfeeding and its history. Here is just one thing that not many people thing about: You breastfeed your child until he or she is so old, and then stop. Cows feed their calf until they are so old and then stop. Same with sheep,dogs,cats, ect. Why do we stop breastfeeding ,or for some even formula feed, and then give our child cows milk? There has to be some reason we stop breastfeeding our children, am I right? Our babies grows, can eat solid foods, and get their (calcium and vitamin d) from REAL FOOD. Not a animal. We would not let our children have another woman's breast milk,so why do we keep shoveling another animals milk into their bodies? Convenience? Another marketing scam? To long of a tradition?
This is just one thing to think about.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just another morning!!!

Yes the title says it all. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Those mornings your Husband ( or yourself) wakes up late for school/work rushing out the door trying to put on his shoes. Yes your morning can be headed for disaster, I know my was. OK so he got out the door a hour late for class. Bug wakes up right as the door closes behind him. Where Dada at ? he says missing a few vowels from just waking up. He had to go to school he was late. :( bug looks sad, or just maybe tiered still. Who knows. OK so breakfast easy.Right? Whole-grain mini blueberry muffin- check. Diced fruit- check. grapes- hmm...I know we had some, where did they go- fumble threw fridge a bit more. AH GRAPES. Opening bag. Bad idea, VERY BAD IDEA. bag pops open, crystal light iced tea goes all over the counter. hmm paper towels. none. under the counter,ah found 'em. Unplug toaster- check. Wipe off- check. Move- check. Unplug coffee pot- check. Wipe off coffe pot- hmm. Should of moved the glass pot first. Yes it fell, and shattered. GREAT. No coffe pot. No coffee. Thankfully it was emty. OK Bug get out the kitchen. OK Bugs out. OWCH sh*t d*nm OWCH. Yes I steped on the glass. Another thanfull- dident get cut, just got a peice stuck. No blood. Good. OK broom- check. Dust pan- Check. Cleaned up glass- check. Back to breakfast. Grapes- hmm. mold. Why do we have moldy grapes. Why do I buy so many grapes if we don't go threw that many. How did they get mold there not but mabye 4 days old. oh my. no grapes. Wasa? None. Banana? No he has diced fruit? Gold fish? No not for breakfst. hmm... ah apple slices, pre sliced in a bag, no nife needed. Taste test, descusting. Nope nothing. OK. Here Bug. Muffin and fruit. Dont forget your juice. Hm breakfast for mama. I think i'll just take a muffin. Tea can go into a pop-top water bottle. Skip the glass, the cup and the nife. HAVE A GOOD MORNING

bug a few days ago enjoying nap-time.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Well, Well

Sam started class again today, 7 classes. At lest its not the 8 he was going to take. They canceled the class because there was not enough students( just one, Sam) So me and Bug-Man have been hanging out today. We accomplished a few things like cleaning mommy and daddy's closet, picking up all of his toys in his room and putting them back into the right cubby. Hopefully tomorrow we can continue on our cleaning journey and have the house done by the end of next week.I say next week because some days he dosnt feel like helping mommy and insists to have me spend every minute possible playing with him( yup no pee time for me. ) Ive been takeing pictures of my handsom guy almost every day since I started blogging.I'm hoping I can keep it up all year,both the blog and picture takeing. Theres no really big exiting new around here lately. Little sammy learned how to peel a orange tho. He loves thems. Hes trying to figure out how to ride a bike, and Leaning his number 7-10.he has a good hand on 1-6 and pretty soon were going to be throwing some more abc's in there to. Hopefully it wont confuse him. Me and Dada saw this your baby can read program, were debating on if we should get it or if its a scam. If we get it, and it doesent work, it would be a waste of money. But if we dont get it fine out later on it works, theres one opportunity that he could have had. So we are debaiting.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Night time drama

Well the last week was full of night time dream-beams and jelly beans, not really but Bug-man would have a hard time falling asleep, wake up more than his usually once to pee and say hes scared or something hurts. So after about a week last night mama and dada sat down with him and gave him a strict but reassuring reminder that nothing is going to happen to him, and that his room is not scary but peaceful, and that he should go to sleep, God is watching over him and hes going to have sweet dreams. Well it seems our talk worked. Last night he went to bed like he always does with 3 cows a horse and a pink panther 2 blankets and a pillow....yes hes attached. But he didn't get up he fell asleep,and stayed asleep.

Yes before we talked to him we tried everything to figure out what was going on behind the night time panic. But no we couldn't figure out anything except that he spent new years with N&P and slept in a little bit of light and not complete darkness,saw shadows and that triggered him to start being 'scared' at night. well all and all hes back to sleep, in fact he taking a nap right now.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

just talk, house talk

Well its the beginning of a new year,a new month, and well for my husband, a new college semester. Hes was talking about taking 8 classes this semester that way next semester he would only have 2 then he'd graduate. But I don't know, I don't know. I will fine out this afternoon when he comes home from registration. January is probably going to be a calm month around here for me and the bug man, maybe not for Dada but for us yes.Hopefully January will be a great month. Maybe I can organize our back closet and utility closet this month, maybe. Maybe something completely unexpected will happen. who knows.

I found 2 rolls of fill the other day, nothing is on them and then i found my old camera, had a use roll in it. I'm hopeing to finish off both rolls my the end of this month and post up some more pictures. And talking about pictures im trying to organize my photo collection, Any Tips???? I never thought about geting the date put on all my photos so only half of them are dated, the other half I dident even date. and the majoraty of them are in a scrambled mess, its disaterious, if thats even a word, if not thats better. so if you ask me if theres one thing id change yes, id go back and date all my pictures,date every memorie, and mark every photo befor I even thought of trying to put them into albums. so my picture colection from birth to 2 years is in a mummble-jumble but im working on it, thats a nother jauary project.

About a week ago someone asked me if our apartment was big enough, I said yes cuz it is big enough,if we had less stuff, the next day my father in law comes by with all of our stuff from the shed i had put in his truck befor new years. Now i know he was bringing it over, i dident know i had put that much in the truck tho. so yup this month also is trask month im selling things on craigslist and donateing everything i can get rid of in the next week. for thte rest of it, im trashing it. yup everything I can possible get away with is gone by febuary. I cant stand haveing all*t.....both me and my husband have a hard time throwing things out...oh ok really its just him, i have a hard time throwing his things out cuz then a week later hed be like wheres the peice of papper that was next to thte bed that had such and such on it....looked like trash,sorry dear.....and all the computer wires,and cables and other wires and cds and papers and i dunno we just have to much stuff and no where to contain it in a presentilbe matter.

Our living room/dining room combination is fine, that rooms not messy at all, no there is the toys and the occasonal pile of clothes on our table we never eat at anymore. but no its not messy out furniture is a little miss-matched and strange but we have somewhere to sit with our oversized older than history TV. but hey we do have furniture and that room stays presentable, just give me 5 minutes. our kitchen well, its a kitchen. functions like a kitchen looks like a kitchen , and like most kitchens lacks counter space. there age some good things about our kitchen tho, it has a panty, yes one with a door, and our water filter, got my husband off the bottle, and where helping the enviroment.yup our kitchen is plain. it has the basics sink microwave stove and fridge...then it has our specials, my gorge foreman, and dont need to hold can opener and crystal light iced tea. Then theres our room, its not bad just his side of the bed and our over floweing with junk/storage boxes/ paper..... closet. the bath room and halway and linnen closet our fine...bugs room is fine to he just has a lot of toys. so i guess its only 3 places in our place that i wish would grow, move out or disapier. our closet utility closet and our storage so many closets.

well i think my ranting and talking and typeing should move along, I have somethings to get done and a place to go. have a good week , im sure ill be back just keep checking in ya never know

bugs last time being in his crib, ever.even tho hes been in a toddler bed almost a year.
valintines of last year, he thought hed try a butterfinger,wraper and all.

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Holidays.

Yes the holidays are now settling down.New years day has come and gone,well for most. This year the holidays where a little off for us. Now figuring its the first time in our own place, you would of though we would have spent the holidays here.Nope not us. Thanksgiving was spent in Jacksonville. My mother-in law's mom has family there and that's where we went,me my husband our son my mother and father in law (N&P) my husbands niece and bug mans great grandma M. Yup food was great, people where nice, but somehow I guess I just don't fit in with large crowds. Little Sam on the other hand he loved it, he carried on conversations with almost everyone there. I didn't get any pictures(for got the camera) but N&P got video so hopefully ill get some clips up sooner then later. Then Christmas eve was already here, before we knew it. no supprise that it just pops up on the calender out of no where. I really do think eleves come threw the not-there-hole-in-the-windows and rights it on the calender the day before.Christmas eve,we spent about 4 hours bakeing cookies and boiling eggs for the next day. Christmas morning we spent watching our boy open is gifts up,wondiring if the coffepot was going to turn its self on.Then I ended up makeing egg salad and macaroi casoroll.yes I had to make something, they asked me to , and the only thing im really good at is the macaroni. We all got ready and headed over to N&P's house. Dada was left to go pick up both his grams while we got to hangout with Nana, pop-pop was busy makeing the house smell good with all the kitchen work that was going on. we tryed to stearclear of there but sometimes he just couldent help it he needed his pop-pop. later that evening it was christmas morning all over again, little man sould not belive it,more gifts. Yes he was worn out by the end of the night,fell asleep on the ride home, but he had fun. He loved new years tho he got to spend the night with N&P, while mama and dada stayed up till about 4 am reading books and wrighting, how fun our we?. retorical question please do not respond. but yes the holidays are over, I think I only have mabye 4 pictures from my phone. But its now january and its a new year and the only 'resolution' I have to keep is to take the camera out more offten.

this was taken a couple days befor new years, thats my bug riding on the back of Dannys christmas present( a blue fourwheeler, the ones that are rechargable, not gas) he loved it.Danny is one of his favorite friends, he lives next to N&P. And to everyones suprise when Danny let little Sam drive, wow he could he loved that so much, we really need to get him one he drove it all over the yard. they played with it for about 2 hours.They even stoped a few times to let everyone get a quick picture.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

well this is a post in between postings, I just wanted to say Happy 2009. I'm hopeing this year will be better.Actually I know it will be. Bug-man did not make it to see the ball drop in between movie watching (burn after reading.) But Nana and Pop-pop did take him for the night. so we can spend our first day of 09 catching up on sleep while they love on their 31st grand baby. Well its late im'ma hop in bed,doze off. Wish y'all a great new year. Don't forget to check out these clips from Raleigh NC