Thursday, February 5, 2009

ok mabye i cant

Well I guess going vegi just aint my thing. I tried for a few days. Then I got to thinking (thank you zen habits) about real food. It lives, it rots, it welts, it doesn't have a shelf life, it dies. Hmm was it around 1000 years ago? The all vegi thing aint for me, or my family.So I'm sorry chicken and cow but im going to eat you, maybe not as much because I find you very disgusting. But I'm not going to stop. Sorry to all the vegans and vegetarians but I do thing food lives and dies. Good thing to debate about would be about this: a cow lives and breaths, and you don't want to eat it because of that, but wait: a plant dose all the same thing its grows, lives, eats, and dies just like a cow: so what is the difference? Hmm check out zen habits article here. Tell me what you think about the way we eat( even about all the pre packaged quick foods.) Or you can tell me how crazy I sound. What ever one fits your ump for the day.

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