Monday, February 9, 2009

things we shouldent do

Well I have not posted in a while. Over the weekend me and Dada found out that there are things that we just should not do, like cut our sons hair (see photos above.) Dada just trimmed it out of his eyes a few days before, But it bothered his ears so I asked him to trim by his ears. Didn't say how or where just by his ears. So Dada did and threw all the crying and owwies it finally was crooked. Somehow Dada ended up cutting around bugs whole head. Well our bug man's hair is still crooked in some spots, he has a bowl cut and Dada and me joked about not going anywhere for a few weeks. Now I don't see why Dada just doesn't buzz it all off (at lest then it will be even and grow back normal.) Even with mommy and Dada worried about our bowl headed baby he still looks uber handsome and can still be happy and smile threw anything.

Things we should do:
Dada made the deans list. He was mad because he wanted to make the president's list. But we are still glad he made the deans. With taking 7 classes and having to do more class studying/assignments/classes themselves at home. Deans list is good.
So congrats to Dada. YAY!


Sheryl said...

Sammy's hair looks cute!!! I cut T's hair for almost 3 years before I finally broke down and PAID for someone else to do it.

Congrats to your husband for making the Dean's List. That is a big accomplishment. Good for him!

Anonymous said...

I think his hair still looks so cute and that smile tells you he likes it just fine! That's wonderful about the dean's list!