Wednesday, May 6, 2009


UGH! I am so paranoid, I can almost promise it was my husband who made me paranoid about everything. :) so North Carolina now has the swine flu, I knew it was coming we where surrounded the last few days up until yesterday. SC had it, Tenn. had it, VA. had it. Now we have it. Yesterday it was one case, today it is 7. SEVEN! Person who had gotten it first gave it to 6 others in a 24 hours. I just hope its not around here. UGH! And Illinois has it horrible,yesterday they had less cases then NY , so around 70-something, today they are above NY at 122.

I don't know if I should really panic or not worry about it or somewhere in the middle. Is everyone going to get the swine flu, are they going to stop traveling close all schools and businesses, is everyone going to be so freaked there not gonna leave home? I don't know I wish I did so id know how to plan for this. Theirs now 2 deaths in the USA from it and alost more in Mexico and some more across seas.

HERE is the link to how many people are sick in the USA. all 642 of them as of this morning when i looked.

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