Friday, April 3, 2009

a look ahead

Well here is a look ahead. Right below is the long view, if you scroll down you can just get a over view of my dates. Hope its not to scattered for you to read, my mind just wonders off onto a bunch of different subjects when I write most the time.

Dada starts school again Monday. I'm not to sure when this semester ends I think it ends in 2 months I'm not to sure tho. But then he has one class left and he will graduate in August, right before Sammy turns 3.

Dada also turned 20 march 30Th. For some reason it hit us both kind of like "whoa". Now its like ah OK so what 20 no big deal. But now I'm freaking out, but I'll post about that some other time.

Also within the next month I'm going to start on a few projects that have been driving me almost-insane. Like trying to loose 30 pound before my birthday and having out house cluttered and organized before November. And buying on of the books on my list and reading it threw.

Also a bit further in 2009, to be exact June 6Th 2009 will be our 2 year anniversary. So if anyone has any ideas for some thing romantic to do please let us no. We are not very romantic,so we need the ideas. ha ha.

so here are my dates in the short note

Wednesday April 1st- Josh and Barbra got married, congratulations.
Monday April 6Th - Sam goes back to classes, also I start cleaning out the utility closet that has made its was to a storage closet.
Monday April 13Th- Pantry will be cleaned
Monday April 17Th- Date for closet to be cleaned
Thursday April 30Th- Hoping to see the scale 6 pounds lower then what it is now

Tuesday May 11Th-Have our closet cleaned and organized completely
Thursday May 21st- Have bugs room re organized and toys went threw for donations
Sunday May 31st-Hoping to see the scale down another 8 pounds

Saturday June 6Th- Our 2 year anniversary
Tuesday June 16Th- To have kitchen living and dining rooms done
Tuesday June 30Th The scale down at lest 6 pounds

Monday July 6Th- Take a day off of the everyday and go see the fireworks and eat cake!
Friday July 17Th- Have the real storage room cleaned organized and nice looking
Friday July 31st- the scale down by 4 lbs

Saturday August 1st-Start planning for Sammy's 3rd birth day party
Wednesday August 5Th-Have all invitation sent out for birthday
Saturday August 15Th-Day of party
Tuesday August 18Th-Sam is really 3
Sunday August30Th -Start working out more for my birthday
Monday August 31Th -hoping the scale will be down by 6 pounds

Friday September 4Th-check weight -hoping to lost 30 pounds
Sunday September 6Th-I turn 20
September 2?- Sam's dads birthday
Wednesday September 30Th-hoping the scale is down another 4 pounds

Friday October 10Th- get Sammy's costume ready by this date
October-Kevin's turns __ have to check on date will update when found out
Saturday October 31st - Halloween
Saturday October 31st -scale down by another 4 I hope



As you see i haven't marked November and December because by that time my life will be very hectic and I will no care much about my lists goals or anything else. I will be to wrapped up in my fluffy pink robe planning what movie where gonna watch that night or what where gonna do this Christmas and if where gonna have a dinner party.HAHAHA my life is so strange!

Also when I get a chance I am turning in my films to be developed and I will get some photos up ASAP!

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