Friday, December 4, 2009


Well we gave out notice to move out...we are just still debating on 2 place. A duplex and or a townhouse/apartment... well know by the end of the week. We are slowly packing and i am stressing out. We have sooo much stuff and i finally convinced Sam to go thew everything with me and decided what we keep and make a new and more correct home innovatory. I'm just waiting to go pickup some more boxes and finish. I cant wait to get out of here..I am so super happy. We have a lot going on with moving, de-cluttering, and Christmas coming soon. Little sam want books and a bowling set. He just added the bowling set the other day looking threw a toy r us catalog. He still wants a lot of books. Im glad he likes books more then toys, and strawberries more then candy. I guess I must be doing something right..haha

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