Friday, August 13, 2010

January & Febuary

I don't know what we did in January...I have NO pics,none at all...and I cant remember what we yes a whole month of our lives are gone....just gone...poof it dis-a-pier-ed (yup cause I can not spell)

But I do know (thanks to the pictures) we had a weekend alone and headed to the beach..In FEBRUARY!!..The pictures made me realize 'OH thats the trip'...

We got there about 1 am, visited the pool and then Sam drops a quarter in the pool. And well I wanted the quarter I rolled up my jeans, took off my hoodie and stretched down as far as I could...Ended up in the water, jeans and I said $%*@ it and got all the way in, swam round for a few minutes then realized, we had to go to the out I went FREEZING! It was so fun!

We stayed up all night enjoying the cool air coming in, and fell asleep watching th sun rise....

When we got back home a few days latter bellow is what greeted us!! SUCH A TONGUE!! :O)

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