Friday, August 13, 2010

MY OHHHH MY!! & Christmas 09'

Ok,I just realized its been....8 almost 9 months since I last wrote A SINGLE WORD on here. WOW! What a year it has been from moving in to soon moving out, going threw the ups and downs of life, family, marriage, parenting, and everything this world seems to put me threw....But hey im still here...With a bit more of a straight head on my shoulders :)

So Here are a few of the better pics from Christmas 09'....and I will be posting whats been happening as I have the time :o)

Well bean woke up crying Christmas morning, but he was amazed coming down the stairs ( see the pic above :) We didn't have a BIG present opening at our house because we where headed to the In-laws very soon after to see them and both Grandmas. And to open the many many gifts that everyone brought over. My father in-law cooked a HUGE supper. It was good to spend time with everyone...SO I had to include the picture of them 'cause they where standing together NOT paying attention to the photos of EVERYTHING being taking. SO yes I caught them WAYY off gaurd! but they look good ... :)

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