Monday, December 29, 2008

The First Year

Ill be honest, the first year of Sammy's life flew by me like it never existed. Theirs a million pictures I have on c.d,film, and the computer but they wouldn't all fit. So ill have them for a later post and for now just add a few and a lot of text. When we brought our little man home from the hospital I had major headaches till i got the blood patch,after that I was fine, but I missed his first day or so at home. He didn't really open his eyes much for me the first week or two but he did for his Dada. As he got older,month by month, well even by week he was learning so much. Then he did it, he rolled over.He hit almost every mile stone before he hit the age.
We went on a lot of trips to before he even turned one year, he went to the beach here in NC, West Virgina, and even the zoo. His first Halloween, he was a puppy. He made a great puppy to, he was about 3 months old then,had no idea he was even dressed up like a dog. Christmas,he was about 5 months or so, we got him a Santa outfit. Oh he was the best looking Santa you'd ever seen. His first birthday I made him a small cake all for him, we all went to the park near our church ( Living Water ) and he got so many things including a bubble lawn mower and a convertible bike(goes from a bike to a rocking bike ) he still loves playing with all his presents from his 1st birthday.

He grew up fast from birth to age one. Couldn't believe it, just a few months before he was just starting to roll and hold up his head, then crawl and fall down walking. I thank God everyday that he is healthy and full of love and joy. now his next year was pretty crazy, but youll just have to wait to read about it.

below are a few photos from his 1st year i have saved on the computer.yep,hes a screamer he didn't like the hat, but he did like being nakie on papas table.then theirs the one where hes UBBER small and taking a nap tucked under my arm.The on with him under the tree is his first Christmas, sleeping under the tree, so peaceful.

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