Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sammy's birth

My labor story: It was just a another night we where sleeping out in the small trailer in my in laws yard at the time. I kept wakening up that night didn't think nothing of it just kept trying to go back to sleep. It was about 3 maybe 4 in the morning, and I gave up my baby was not going to let me go to sleep, so I sat down at the table in the other room, turned on the laptop and played Super Collapse 3, my game of choice at the time.After a few hours I finally realized that this could be it, my baby wanted out, or so I thought. I woke Sam up told him whats been going on, so he was ready to go, hoping to drive a fast as possible,but I was not ready.I wanted to walk. So we walked around our front yard for,maybe 5-10 minutes, contractions were getting close. very close. Not even 2 minutes apart.So we woke up his parents, called the doctor, they said to come in. By the time we were in the car I was having bad contraction,with a very bad picture to go with them.On the way to the hospital I would not let him drive fast at all, I'm guessing now it was my unconscious was of making my labor longer. So we finally we get there,and park. NO I was NOT letting him get me a wheelchair, I was determined to walk. Well a nurse seen me and got me one even tho we were 10 feet from the door( soo close ) We got in and they checked me in, by that time I was glad I had a chair. In the delivery room they gave me a iv with a drug that made me feel drunk and talk a lot about..well I don't remember, I never really did remember what all I said. Then they checked me, 6cm even the nurse said that was unusual, most people come in 1 or 2 cm and screaming. nope not me, painful but yes, I do think I have had worse. I called my mom, she said shed be on her way. I talked to the doctor, because I was almost 9 cm dilated and I wanted my mom to be there for the birth of my baby, She said the baby was not in distress and waiting would be fine. So we all waited and waited. She got there on time. 10cm dilated, I could push. Oh wait no I couldn't, the epidural worked a little to well. I didn't feel it go in and it numbed me from my ribs down. The doctor had to suction my baby boy out,and she did it a few to many times, my baby came out with a cone head, but that was fine at the time he was healthy and man he looked handsome. So yes they messed up my epidural(wet tap with horrible headaches for almost a week after birth), I vomited a few times,they suctioned my baby, and they gave me a doctor I requested not to have,but hes healthy and at the time that's all that mattered. My after labor story is a lot shorter. Like I said they messed up my epidural, they drew fluid from my spine gave me headaches to the pont I couldn't even sit up to hold my son! sent me home a few days later then planned just because I wanted to wait and see if they would subsided with out getting a blood patch. so I finally went home,3 or 4 days later(most of what I slept by) we went back to the hospital,had the blood patch, and I was good to go. I wish I would have done it in the 1st place, I wouldn't of missed those first few days of my sons life. I cant change it, I can just enjoy all the time with him now that I can.
above right is Sam holding little Sammy, wow how much they both have changed.above left is little Sammy, he had jaundice so he was our little glow worm for a few days with his adorable pop out the left right he is my borther,such a pround uncle he is.

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Sheryl said...

You go, girl! Blogging is a great way to get all those memories out. Keep posting pictures!