Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hes One.And Then Two

Now after his 1st birthday, he could say quite a few words,walk and almost fully run. But he didn't know that in the next year he would go without Dada around for a few months,move,and go on a lot more vacations. He went to the farm in WV many more times, also to the beach, both Carolina beach and Myrtle beach. We also got to meet some new family. We traveled up to Virgina and traveled the blue ridge all the way down to the end. we then ended up in SC . so we called grandma Cathy, to see where my MEME lives and we decided to stop by, haven't seen her in over 2/3 years,so we did. he loved meeting her,and he was on his best behavior to. That year he also met his great Aunt Sue and Uncle Len. Got to see meme again and meet cousin Kelly and her family. Later that year(September) Dada left for the Army,no one knew he'd be back in November tho. That's another posting for why hes hurt now. We also moved in April of 08( but he was still one so it doesn't count as the next year.) He missed his N&P but he loves when they come visit. When we first moved we had to explain to him the this was now 'our home' and N&P have to go back to 'their home'. Finally he got to understanding it. He had is 2nd birthday party here, he was so surprised when everyone started singing happy birthday to him. From then on he tells everybody happy birthday, sometimes even out of no where on no ones birthday. He loves going to WV, he outside all the time, gets to ride the big 4 wheeler and his small one. he has this huge field to run in instead of a small back yard that's shard. He was scared of the ocean for quite some time, but he loves pools. The way he has changed from birth to now is unbelievable. Hes grown so much both physically and intellectually, and they say babies can not be smart, that they cant do this that and what not-s. i disagree on so much because i have watch my son grow in such a way that its truly unexplainable. Now that hes two(and 4 months) and you read a bit about his first few years I'm hoping to keep up with my blog, share our stories with everyone, and read all of yours. I guess my next post will be about the holidays and getting up some pictures

here is a picture from the blue ridge, its my two men fishing(couldn't catch nothing on the blue ridge so we took a detour and went to a stocked pond nearby)


this is his 1st carousel ride, we where at Broadway at the beach in Myrle beach,SC

here we are at wal-mart, he want to ride the air plain so we put him in it, put the quarter in and oops, now we have a crying screaming tot who wants out the air plain, we tried calming him down in it, but there was no use, he needed out, hench the face.

This is taken in Raligh, nc my cousin Lenny was down to play rugby, and dada and baby both had their head shaved. talking about rugby below is a vidio of my cousin Lenny. the 1st one he got knocked down, cant say i blame them, hes the fastest,and best one on the team(sorry guys you know its ture tho) and the other one is just more of the game. Its the best sports game I ever wathed. Hope to see them back in NC soon to play again.

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