Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Whats been going on?

Well the last few weeks my DH has been out of class and home with us, YAY! We have been spending some time playing wow(world of warcraft) and building a computer for my mom, updating his and putting a old one in a new box,going to the beach, and a few other things.When we went to the beach this weekend we had no camera, it broke somehow so we have to wait for thte movies Poppop took. It was nice a bit chilly with the wind but nice. Little Sam had fun playing in the sand and taking the truck out on the 'bump bump ride' (driveing out on the beach.) He rode home with his N&P and they stoped to feed the birds. Sammy figured out if he ran up to them and screamed 'ROAR' they would flyaway scared,he had so mcuh fun doing that.Hes talking in bigger sentences about 5 words and he can carryon a pretty good conversation useing them.

We found out that big Sam has only one class to take summer semester, then he should graduate early August (right around when sammy turns 3.)

OH YES and our 2nd pet (mr.bird , yup a bird,another pet my mom brought over) died. Did little sam cry? did he worrie? did he understand? no,no,maybe? He tells us to 'kill bug' 'bug dead' bug died' (ants and spiders) but now a bird.His pet bird did he just not understand or is he just fine with death of animals? When his nana mentiond " you have a birdy at home, im gonaa have to come over and see him sometime" little Sam blurted out ' no no bird dead bird died hes all gone gone' hmmmm luckly they where in a truck with the windows up driveing down the road so no one heard him.

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