Friday, April 3, 2009

my YAY for today!

Well today was ago we got our last 2 bills payed, probably our most important( rent and electric.) Also Pop-pop came by today in his new 'tiger' car (its a Toyota something I THINK) and took away our 3 trash bags full of cans! that was the best yay for today because now the bottom of my pantry is EMPTY. YES EMPTY. I can belive is afer almost 6 months of being full of cans its now empty.

Sammy and me made sugar cookies after dinner tonight.He tryed to sneek one befor all 3 batches were done, I let him but told him he has to take one to dada also.

So thats my YAY for today. not the longest YAY but its something to be gratefull for, our bills our payed and me and Sammy spent 'bake time' together. Im glad we are able to do that.

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