Friday, September 11, 2009

I got a new toy!

No, not that type of toy...a new laptop. Now I don't have to use Sam's or the big pc. Its a pink ( yes pink) acer aspire. See the pic..that's Sam on it..he was fixin some things and adding some things on here for me so I wouldn't have to fiddle with it( aint that sweet?) yup its also really small fits in one hand and weights less then 2.5 lbs. it fits in my smallest purse with all my stuff and its pink. It's really light like I said, I really like it because I can lift it with out feeling like a weakling. His weighs like 7 pounds or so,not much but to lift it with one hand is horrible for me. But so for I really like it. Haven't played around with it to much yet still got to check out the cam and mic and graphics on my games but so far so good. Oh yeah Its not the 6 cell battery its the 3 so battery life is not super long but that's OK, I can get a 6 cell for it. oh and the power brick it super small compared to his. Its also quieter. Ill try to get more pictures of it on here later. For now its back to playing with my new to then off to bed. Have a good September!


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