Wednesday, September 23, 2009

no more moo moo

Well it's fall, I am so glad. I was getting sick of the heat,but now I realize how much I have and have not gotten done. I cleaned out my side of bedroom closet, sorted threw Sammy's clothing, rearranged the living room, and deep cleaned the bathroom( not the closet tho.) But now I have also noticed all the things I need to do and redo, like the utility closet,the kitchen and bugs toys. I have gotten so sick of having so much stuff, we don't use most of it, it just sits there, and its only half organized,and it dose not look good. So now that its fall and not so hot, I am hoping to finish it all!

On the moo moo, all 3 moo moos a bunny a horse and a pink panther, we now have a bunny( thank you Aunt Sue.) He loves his bunny. Here what happened- he tore some of the stuffing out from pink panthers broken foot and tail, so we took it away and put him up on his shelf with his other 20 stuffed animals( yes I want to get rid of them to.) He kissed and hug it good bye. A week later I was thinking now that he is 3 ( and almost 2 months) we should take them all but one. Then 2 nights ago Dada and me sat him down on his bed to 'talk'( this is where we have most of our 'serious' conversations at.) We explained that he is to big to sleep with so many stuffed animals and he could pick the one he wants to keep for his bed, and the rest go on the shelf. To my surprise he didn't cry or complain about it he said hes keeping his bunny. Kissed and hugged the other ones goodbye and put bunny on his bed and went back to picking up his cars and playing with Dada. Hopefully he won't realize he gave up them for good.

Well I am trying to plan something fun for fall, like maybe a train ride and a corn maze and pumpkin picking. And maybe a weekend getaway to the farm later on, not to sure. But we have to get out and do something, the weather is amazing! Well that is all I got for now. Hope everyone had a good summer and have a better fall.

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Sheryl said...

Aww! So sweet!
He's getting big.
Enjoy the weather this fall ;)