Wednesday, September 2, 2009

July and August.....

me amb-bam Sam and Lena on the pier acting dumb.

Broadway at the beach, weekend getaway. had so much fun!

just playing with the cam ( see the mess behind me,thats what happend when we lose something)

Bugs birthday party!

headed home from the beach....

rain drops keep fallin on my head ......

me and dj playin some game at the peir house..
party funnnnnn
beach and peir

at the hotel

Here we had just got a new camera and started our journey down to the beach...little sam was so excited then he looked so miserable.

Swimming at Nana and Pop-Pops he had so much fun! This was back in July, He spent a bit of time over there swimming that month, Thanks Nana and Pop-Pop for all you have done.!

Sam fixing to leave. Had to get a picture. Little man says dada is wearing a table( he meant a cap)

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