Friday, January 2, 2009

The Holidays.

Yes the holidays are now settling down.New years day has come and gone,well for most. This year the holidays where a little off for us. Now figuring its the first time in our own place, you would of though we would have spent the holidays here.Nope not us. Thanksgiving was spent in Jacksonville. My mother-in law's mom has family there and that's where we went,me my husband our son my mother and father in law (N&P) my husbands niece and bug mans great grandma M. Yup food was great, people where nice, but somehow I guess I just don't fit in with large crowds. Little Sam on the other hand he loved it, he carried on conversations with almost everyone there. I didn't get any pictures(for got the camera) but N&P got video so hopefully ill get some clips up sooner then later. Then Christmas eve was already here, before we knew it. no supprise that it just pops up on the calender out of no where. I really do think eleves come threw the not-there-hole-in-the-windows and rights it on the calender the day before.Christmas eve,we spent about 4 hours bakeing cookies and boiling eggs for the next day. Christmas morning we spent watching our boy open is gifts up,wondiring if the coffepot was going to turn its self on.Then I ended up makeing egg salad and macaroi casoroll.yes I had to make something, they asked me to , and the only thing im really good at is the macaroni. We all got ready and headed over to N&P's house. Dada was left to go pick up both his grams while we got to hangout with Nana, pop-pop was busy makeing the house smell good with all the kitchen work that was going on. we tryed to stearclear of there but sometimes he just couldent help it he needed his pop-pop. later that evening it was christmas morning all over again, little man sould not belive it,more gifts. Yes he was worn out by the end of the night,fell asleep on the ride home, but he had fun. He loved new years tho he got to spend the night with N&P, while mama and dada stayed up till about 4 am reading books and wrighting, how fun our we?. retorical question please do not respond. but yes the holidays are over, I think I only have mabye 4 pictures from my phone. But its now january and its a new year and the only 'resolution' I have to keep is to take the camera out more offten.

this was taken a couple days befor new years, thats my bug riding on the back of Dannys christmas present( a blue fourwheeler, the ones that are rechargable, not gas) he loved it.Danny is one of his favorite friends, he lives next to N&P. And to everyones suprise when Danny let little Sam drive, wow he could he loved that so much, we really need to get him one he drove it all over the yard. they played with it for about 2 hours.They even stoped a few times to let everyone get a quick picture.

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Anonymous said...

Genesis, Sam & Sammy, Just a note to say hello and let you know how proud I am of you for starting your own blog. Now I can see your little guy growing up and enjoying your adventures. The video of Lenny really amazed me how you got it all on screen. Glad to hear your Christmas was good.Love A Sue & U Len