Thursday, January 15, 2009


I just got done reading a article of of Sheryl's blog. Talks about breastfeeding and its history. Here is just one thing that not many people thing about: You breastfeed your child until he or she is so old, and then stop. Cows feed their calf until they are so old and then stop. Same with sheep,dogs,cats, ect. Why do we stop breastfeeding ,or for some even formula feed, and then give our child cows milk? There has to be some reason we stop breastfeeding our children, am I right? Our babies grows, can eat solid foods, and get their (calcium and vitamin d) from REAL FOOD. Not a animal. We would not let our children have another woman's breast milk,so why do we keep shoveling another animals milk into their bodies? Convenience? Another marketing scam? To long of a tradition?
This is just one thing to think about.


Sheryl said...

Well, after age one, the nutritional content of a woman's milk is not high enough to keep the kid going... that is to say, you have to start giving them REAL FOOD. There are plenty of people who give their kids only breastmilk until they are age one, and then start on real food (some in the US, LOTS of people in other, poorer countries do this).
As far as cow's milk, there is the marketing scheme. Yes, there is calcium (strong bones) and lots of vitamins. But kids can also drink soymilk or goats milk and just get their vitamins and nutrition from other sources.
Glad you liked the article!
PS I breastfeed because it is FREE!

H3 said...

Yes I know theirs soy milk and goats milk. I like soy milk. Doesn't come from a animal, like a goat.

Breastfeeding it the best, its natural and free.