Monday, January 19, 2009

pass the bucket

Go ahead click here. watch it, all of it. and this one too, and this one. Maybe I should finally cut out all meat from my diet, my husband wont, but hey if I do, That is a few more animals who will live. I do eat chicken and beef and occasionally pork chops. Yup that is right I said it. I eat meat. Now do I honestly want to , no. So why do I? I was raised that way first of all. Next is my husband does, and so does most of both of our families. I'm so accustomed to it, its just routine for me I guess. So I am going to cut it out. Now if their is a time I cant avoid it like tonight( dinner at my inlaws...yup KFC) I might eat a small bit of it, But besides that, sorry I'm going to have to pass. Now my husband thinks I'm on the crazy side, and its natural to eat a chicken or hell even a deer( yup he hunts)and that half the stuff they put on the clips are not real but, I'm going to do this. Why its something I have been wanting to do for me for a long time. Now I am going to miss my canned chicken salad, But hey theres still meat substitudes...and a real salad with crisp lettuse and juicy tomatoes and a little oil and vinager( im not much of a ranch fan no more). But please watch the clips...

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