Monday, January 26, 2009

yes, he got knocked down

No not really no one got knocked down, actually he fell. We had bath time like any other bath time, Got out the tub stood on the potty getting ready to brush his teeth, flop. He fell backwards. He broke the bathroom-paper holder off the wall. His little chunky butt has a red spot and so did 2 places of his back. He did not bruise tho, Hes a tough one I can tell everyone that. Also with how many times hes hit his head on our sink, and all I do is kiss it better and tell him that its OK its not even a bump( it never is.) Hes defiantly a tough bug,a lot tougher then me. I hit my head on the sink (same spot to) the next day, I'll be honest, I cried. It hurt like a I dunno what.

Hes been falling down a lot lately, just did it again. He will be running down the hall way and bam he falls and slides a little bit..wonder whats up with that...

I took this one of my and my bug man today while cooking dinner, Dada has text us from school and has a photo of himself attached so i sent this one back. Doesn't he have the best smile ?

Oh also for some random photos i have taken with my phone u can go here. There is a photo from out inside table-top snow man. Dada said we can keep him in the freezer until we move, that could be a year from now, hey we will have him for Christmas of '09 in case it doesn't snow.Oh but bewarned there is some very odd pictures of random thing that just came out of no where.

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Anonymous said...

You two are adorable. The picture is so sweet!