Tuesday, January 6, 2009

just talk, house talk

Well its the beginning of a new year,a new month, and well for my husband, a new college semester. Hes was talking about taking 8 classes this semester that way next semester he would only have 2 then he'd graduate. But I don't know, I don't know. I will fine out this afternoon when he comes home from registration. January is probably going to be a calm month around here for me and the bug man, maybe not for Dada but for us yes.Hopefully January will be a great month. Maybe I can organize our back closet and utility closet this month, maybe. Maybe something completely unexpected will happen. who knows.

I found 2 rolls of fill the other day, nothing is on them and then i found my old camera, had a use roll in it. I'm hopeing to finish off both rolls my the end of this month and post up some more pictures. And talking about pictures im trying to organize my photo collection, Any Tips???? I never thought about geting the date put on all my photos so only half of them are dated, the other half I dident even date. and the majoraty of them are in a scrambled mess, its disaterious, if thats even a word, if not thats better. so if you ask me if theres one thing id change yes, id go back and date all my pictures,date every memorie, and mark every photo befor I even thought of trying to put them into albums. so my picture colection from birth to 2 years is in a mummble-jumble but im working on it, thats a nother jauary project.

About a week ago someone asked me if our apartment was big enough, I said yes cuz it is big enough,if we had less stuff, the next day my father in law comes by with all of our stuff from the shed i had put in his truck befor new years. Now i know he was bringing it over, i dident know i had put that much in the truck tho. so yup this month also is trask month im selling things on craigslist and donateing everything i can get rid of in the next week. for thte rest of it, im trashing it. yup everything I can possible get away with is gone by febuary. I cant stand haveing all this...sh*t.....both me and my husband have a hard time throwing things out...oh ok really its just him, i have a hard time throwing his things out cuz then a week later hed be like wheres the peice of papper that was next to thte bed that had such and such on it....looked like trash,sorry dear.....and all the computer wires,and cables and other wires and cds and papers and i dunno we just have to much stuff and no where to contain it in a presentilbe matter.

Our living room/dining room combination is fine, that rooms not messy at all, no there is the toys and the occasonal pile of clothes on our table we never eat at anymore. but no its not messy out furniture is a little miss-matched and strange but we have somewhere to sit with our oversized older than history TV. but hey we do have furniture and that room stays presentable, just give me 5 minutes. our kitchen well, its a kitchen. functions like a kitchen looks like a kitchen , and like most kitchens lacks counter space. there age some good things about our kitchen tho, it has a panty, yes one with a door, and our water filter, got my husband off the bottle, and where helping the enviroment.yup our kitchen is plain. it has the basics sink microwave stove and fridge...then it has our specials, my gorge foreman, and dont need to hold can opener and crystal light iced tea. Then theres our room, its not bad just his side of the bed and our over floweing with junk/storage boxes/ paper..... closet. the bath room and halway and linnen closet our fine...bugs room is fine to he just has a lot of toys. so i guess its only 3 places in our place that i wish would grow, move out or disapier. our closet utility closet and our storage closet....wow so many closets.

well i think my ranting and talking and typeing should move along, I have somethings to get done and a place to go. have a good week , im sure ill be back just keep checking in ya never know

bugs last time being in his crib, ever.even tho hes been in a toddler bed almost a year.
valintines of last year, he thought hed try a butterfinger,wraper and all.

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