Thursday, January 8, 2009

Night time drama

Well the last week was full of night time dream-beams and jelly beans, not really but Bug-man would have a hard time falling asleep, wake up more than his usually once to pee and say hes scared or something hurts. So after about a week last night mama and dada sat down with him and gave him a strict but reassuring reminder that nothing is going to happen to him, and that his room is not scary but peaceful, and that he should go to sleep, God is watching over him and hes going to have sweet dreams. Well it seems our talk worked. Last night he went to bed like he always does with 3 cows a horse and a pink panther 2 blankets and a pillow....yes hes attached. But he didn't get up he fell asleep,and stayed asleep.

Yes before we talked to him we tried everything to figure out what was going on behind the night time panic. But no we couldn't figure out anything except that he spent new years with N&P and slept in a little bit of light and not complete darkness,saw shadows and that triggered him to start being 'scared' at night. well all and all hes back to sleep, in fact he taking a nap right now.

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