Monday, January 12, 2009

Well, Well

Sam started class again today, 7 classes. At lest its not the 8 he was going to take. They canceled the class because there was not enough students( just one, Sam) So me and Bug-Man have been hanging out today. We accomplished a few things like cleaning mommy and daddy's closet, picking up all of his toys in his room and putting them back into the right cubby. Hopefully tomorrow we can continue on our cleaning journey and have the house done by the end of next week.I say next week because some days he dosnt feel like helping mommy and insists to have me spend every minute possible playing with him( yup no pee time for me. ) Ive been takeing pictures of my handsom guy almost every day since I started blogging.I'm hoping I can keep it up all year,both the blog and picture takeing. Theres no really big exiting new around here lately. Little sammy learned how to peel a orange tho. He loves thems. Hes trying to figure out how to ride a bike, and Leaning his number 7-10.he has a good hand on 1-6 and pretty soon were going to be throwing some more abc's in there to. Hopefully it wont confuse him. Me and Dada saw this your baby can read program, were debating on if we should get it or if its a scam. If we get it, and it doesent work, it would be a waste of money. But if we dont get it fine out later on it works, theres one opportunity that he could have had. So we are debaiting.

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Sheryl said...

DON'T WASTE THE MONEY! I saw it, too. Bottom line, there is no reason why your kid should learn how to read from a TV at this age. Take it from me: I am a teacher!
The best thing you can do is read books with your kid (when he is interested). The kid should not be in front of the TV any more than necessary; he should be spending more time playing with toys and interacting with people.
Invest in some good books ;)