Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just another morning!!!

Yes the title says it all. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Those mornings your Husband ( or yourself) wakes up late for school/work rushing out the door trying to put on his shoes. Yes your morning can be headed for disaster, I know my was. OK so he got out the door a hour late for class. Bug wakes up right as the door closes behind him. Where Dada at ? he says missing a few vowels from just waking up. He had to go to school he was late. :( bug looks sad, or just maybe tiered still. Who knows. OK so breakfast easy.Right? Whole-grain mini blueberry muffin- check. Diced fruit- check. grapes- hmm...I know we had some, where did they go- fumble threw fridge a bit more. AH GRAPES. Opening bag. Bad idea, VERY BAD IDEA. bag pops open, crystal light iced tea goes all over the counter. hmm paper towels. none. under the counter,ah found 'em. Unplug toaster- check. Wipe off- check. Move- check. Unplug coffee pot- check. Wipe off coffe pot- hmm. Should of moved the glass pot first. Yes it fell, and shattered. GREAT. No coffe pot. No coffee. Thankfully it was emty. OK Bug get out the kitchen. OK Bugs out. OWCH sh*t d*nm OWCH. Yes I steped on the glass. Another thanfull- dident get cut, just got a peice stuck. No blood. Good. OK broom- check. Dust pan- Check. Cleaned up glass- check. Back to breakfast. Grapes- hmm. mold. Why do we have moldy grapes. Why do I buy so many grapes if we don't go threw that many. How did they get mold there not but mabye 4 days old. oh my. no grapes. Wasa? None. Banana? No he has diced fruit? Gold fish? No not for breakfst. hmm... ah apple slices, pre sliced in a bag, no nife needed. Taste test, descusting. Nope nothing. OK. Here Bug. Muffin and fruit. Dont forget your juice. Hm breakfast for mama. I think i'll just take a muffin. Tea can go into a pop-top water bottle. Skip the glass, the cup and the nife. HAVE A GOOD MORNING

bug a few days ago enjoying nap-time.


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